About Me

Hi! Here’s a little bit about me: I’m an honest, genuine child of God who is passionate about the power of God’s love. Through life experience, I’ve come to understand how God is alive in our midst and long for each of us to receive His gifts. My greatest joy is to share with others in the countless blessings this life can offer.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring nature, watching goofy comedies, and taking walks with my husband and our dog. I am passionate about empowering others to carve wholeness into their life. This ability is known as the “Real Person Life”- choosing to live a life connected to mind, body, and spirit enveloped in God’s grace.

My greatest joy is to empower men and women to live as “Real People” through social media, public speaking, writing, or conversation.

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I am humbly determined to live this life out as a true gift from God. While I am grateful for opportunities and countless blessings in my life, I attributes my greatest depth to the trials. The trials have been the birthplace of great growth in the spirit. This truth led to the birth of Real Person Life and passion for all to experience all life has to offer – both the comfortable and the uncomfortable in life.

My relentless pursuit of this mission birthed out of a myriad of dark, terrible, and sometimes terrifying trials. The trials in my life are unique to me and may be different from the trials in your story. But, the way in which God relentlessly pursued me and moved me toward Him, is exactly what He longs to do in your life as well.

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The beauty of God’s grace and the power of His Holy Spirit led me to a place of unshakable faith. These experiences brought on indescribable love and healing that I cannot stop offering to others. It is my hope that my ministry may be a guidepost for those seeking to further rely on God – to encourage and assist those seeking to weave God’s glory into the very fabric of their being. God is so faithful!

I humbly blogs about the truths gifted to us by our Lord and provide practical tools to further obtain a wholeness lifestyle. I passionately lead a community of men and women seeking to live life connected to mind, body, and spirit based on biblical truth (lovingly referred to as “Real People”). The ability to grow and adapt into this lifestyle is known as the “Real Movement”.

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